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I’m Not Always A Bitch

7 Oct

I really do have good days. The time between posts is usually pretty good. Things get better and flow along rather smoothly for a bit. Unless my daughter does something awful that I don’t feel right blotting about. There are some things even I won’t post. But, between Christopher and me, things go along pretty well. I forget how awful things got and how disappointed and hurt I was because he’s so good to me for a while when I do what I’m supposed to do: take care of the kids and feed and water the dog.
My life is not terrible.
It’s just that, when it is, when I need to put my thoughts down, this is the only safe place I can do it. I don’t think he even knows about my blog. Or, if he knows, he just doesn’t care. And that is perfectly fine with me. If he knew, he might ask for the password to read my entries.
My life isn’t all bad.
I have some good days. I’m gonna try real hard to post about those, too.


Protected: Epiphanies Are Overrated UPDATED

7 Oct

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